What do I do?

Broadly speaking, my primary research interests involve biomedical and social applications of natural language processing.

Language? Biomedical?

Language shapes the world we live in. Information is shared among individuals through verbal and written communication, including biomedical information. Doctors write notes describing patient symptoms, medical history, and diagnoses. The notes are used annotated by hospitals for billing purposes, e.g., medical coding. Scientists write research articles creating new information, including, but not limited to, new drug-drug, drug-gene, and gene-gene interactions. On social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, users describe life events giving insight on the users mental and physical health, indicating possible adverse drug events, depression, or PTSD. I develop methods that can extract biomedical information from many textual data sources.


Given the abundance of textual communication online, social problems can now be studied using large-scale NLP methods. Currently, I’m interested in understanding prejudice on social media better. I am interested in answer multiple questions: How are bigoted ideas discussed online? How do bigoted ideas spread? I am also interested in developing methods that can persuade people to contemplate their bigoted views.